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Juleah - Entangled And Entwined (2013)

Juleah - Entangled And Entwined (2013)

BeitragAuthor: Tuxman » Di 4. Mär 2014, 20:52

Austrian soloist Julia Hummer's "one-woman-psychedelia" marks a beautiful midpoint between the wavering vocals and tender, spacious instrumentation of Mazzy Star, and the anthemic drive of Ride. Delicate guitar arpeggios meet earthy percussion in slow, colourful conversation on recent EP "Entangled And Entwined".

ed2k://|file|Juleah_-_Entangled_And_Ent ... 30:14091|/
ed2k://|file|Juleah_-_Entangled_And_Ent ... 30:14091|/

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