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Netf Warp Svn-121

Netf Warp Svn-121

BeitragAuthor: SS1900 » Fr 30. Aug 2013, 10:47

Latest untested source: ... ARP/trunk/
Latest generated doxygen documentation: (currently, shows wrong version number)

Note:building directly from source requires at least Visual C++ 2010, although it has only been tested with Visual C++ 2012 (SP3).



Several features in this Mod is very beta and are expected to blow up into your face!

Sub-Chunk Transfer
- Enables sharing of not yet completed parts which allows for clients with this feature to more efficiently collaborate on downloading rare files
Faster Endgame
- Dynamic Block Requests, tries to make all sources to complete at the same time
- Delayed NNP, keeps downloading sources a little bit longer in case a part turns out corrupt
- Drop Stalled Sources, cancels stalled or slow downloads when file is about to complete to give way for faster sources
- Redownload only data of banned clients on corruption
Anti-P2P Protection
- Safe KAD (slows down the spreading of bad KAD nodes)
Credits and Payback
- VIP "Payback" Queue, as the Payback queue but with different bandwidth management
- Balanced Ratio Payback, make clients, who have a ratio higher than your inverse ratio, VIP's
- Smart Part File Push, rebalances between complete and part files based on previous upload
QOS (Vista/7/8 only!)
- Allow Windows and compatible routers to prioritize surfing and VoIP before eMule (upstream only)
Bandwidth efficient
- Tries to maximize the amount of data sent in each IP packet by identifying the maximum segment size (Vista/7/8 only!)
All the features of the ESE Mod
Multi Threaded
- Many tasks have its separate thread to make WARP more responsive

Platforms supported:
Platform | 32 bit | 64 bit
Windows 2000 | No | N/A
Windows XP | Yes | No
Windows Vista | Yes | Yes
Windows 7 | Yes | Yes
Windows 8 | Yes | Yes
Wine 1.5.31 (Ubuntu 12.04) | Yes | N/A

Known Bugs and limitations:
'Only Recover Banned Data' might cause (in theory) looping downloads or complete stalls if corruption occurs and NetF fail the recovery process.
FastKAD ICMP unreachable feature seems not to work with personal firewalls.
Sub-Chunk Transfers is currently only enabled for files smaller than ~1.4GB.

Condensed changelog: (see eMule-WARP_changelog.txt for complete set of changes)
Code: Alles auswählen
Fix FindExistingHash method
Perform validation of sub chunks immediatly after we loaded the part file, if possible
Save AICH recovery data to part met file
Make UPnP work on interfaces with secondary IPs
Don't send file not found when no parts are available and client is SCT aware (behaviour stolen from eDonkeyHybrids)
Fix A4AF looping on NNP
Allow downloaded AICH recovery data to be forwarded to other clients with same master hash
Improve stability and fix crashes related to hashing and flushing.
Make 32 bit version to use v110_xp toolset so it runs on Windows XP
Extend SCT feature to share and use AICH sub chunk vectors in extent to crumbs
Only share sub chunks that been verified with AICH hash
Move AICH recovery hashing into part hashing thread
Improve compability with other clients using crumbs
Fix broken CAICHMap
Fix error not found in QOS when socket list got emptied
Fix crash when up parts status is not available
Do searching of shared files in separate thread
Improve MiniMule dialog stability (no deleting of a dialog being created)
Fix one liner tooltips only showing the first two character

Download: (Note: Due to experienced stability issues in the 64bit version, I recommend using the 32bit instead)
Code: Alles auswählen
Binary x86: ed2k:  [3.60 Mb]
Binary x64: ed2k:  [4.92 Mb]
Source: ed2k:  [7.62 Mb]

HTTP Links
Binary x86: ...
Binary x64: ...
Source: ...

[ Add all 3 links to your ed2k client ]

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Re: Netf Warp Svn-121

BeitragAuthor: Nuberu » Sa 7. Sep 2013, 14:56

x86 version, crashes after changing lang to spanish

same for x64
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Registriert: Mo 15. Aug 2005, 14:21

Re: Netf Warp Svn-121

BeitragAuthor: Nuberu » Sa 7. Sep 2013, 16:12

something strange with ed2k links. i click on a link of a file already downloaded and warp advise me of it. when i click on another link not previously downloaded, it downloads a big file with last refused download name and without extension (a .(blank) file)
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Beiträge: 54
Registriert: Mo 15. Aug 2005, 14:21

Re: Netf Warp Svn-121

BeitragAuthor: WiZaRd » Sa 7. Sep 2013, 16:39

You should tell netfinity about those issues: ... pic=112379

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Re: Netf Warp Svn-121

BeitragAuthor: Nuberu » Fr 13. Sep 2013, 15:51

I'll do it, thanks Wiz
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Registriert: Mo 15. Aug 2005, 14:21

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